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Review Current Setup

Are you using your time and resources in the most efficient way or letting your profit drain away in wasteful activities?

Streamline Your Business

Do you feel you are constantly operating at maximum capacity with no breathing space?
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We specialise in helping small businesses to implement processes that help reduce the cost spent on non-profit making activities such as accounting and administration.

Spend less time on non profit making activities

Reduce waste and therefore costs

Tick against the list of effective free marketing strategy

Streamline activities for efficiency

Free up more time to do what you are good at

Get coached to develop the right mindset

Business Coaching

Get one to one holistic support from a certified coach who is also a finance and digital marketing professional.


Use the available technology to create accounting processes that almost runs itself.


Reduce the time you currently spend on administration tasks to free up your valuable time.

Digital Marketing

Check against the checklist of all the things you could be doing without any cost to market your business.


Is my business running in the best way it can so that it’s using the available resources in the most efficient way to give the best service to my customers, keep my staff happy and provide me with the fulfilment I seek?,

What type of businesses you work with?
With micro-enterprises and small businesses in all business sectors.
What areas do you cover?
Currently London, Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.
What part of my business will you look at?
Your business as a whole. In order for the operation to run smoothly and in the most cost-effective way, all parts of your day to day business activities are reviewed to discover where improvements and savings could be made.
How will you work with us?
At the initial site visit, an assessment will be made of what improvements can be made. Then a proposal will be made to you for you to consider your options.

We can either work with you to implement the improvements or provide you with a done-for-you service.

Why should I hire you?
Because you want your business to be as profitable as it can but at the same time, it runs in a most efficient way that frees up your time to do more valuable creative work.

Our Philosophy

Profit making is not just about increasing sales. Being busy is not the same as being productive.  When your business runs efficiently, profit naturally increases.

Efficiency is performing a given task (whether important or not) in the most economical manner possible”.                                                       –Tim Ferriss-

Success Stories

Yumi is very calm and knows how to listen to people and analyze what is needed. She suggested to create my own website and guided me on how to showcase my creations. Plus she has a great skill and knowledge in promoting my business using social media which she is continuing to help me with.

When I had to create invoices for the customers in the UK, she quickly advised me about the UK VAT requirements. She is very unique, not just as a coach in finance but for developing my business as a whole.


Owner , Momoglobal Flowers, New York

Dealing with paperwork is not my strength and usually the last thing on my mind. It was getting to a point I was not able to track what was going on. Yumi reviewed the admin side of my personal and business finance and managed to reduce unnecessary costs. She also helped optimise my digital communication methods with clients and associates.

Property Developer

My company used to run training courses for customers to learn how to set up and use our products correctly and safely. But this was a time-consuming business activity that was not profitable. However, in order to keep up with the demand for the training, I was contemplating hiring an additional staff. Then Yumi came up with a solution which would save thousands of Pounds in annual cost, to free up the valuable time of my company’s key engineer and to avoid hiring another staff.

Managing Director, Manufacturing Business

Running your own business is supposed to bring more wealth and freedom.

The great thing in life is efficiency.

If you amount to anything in the world, your time is valuable, your energy precious. They are your success capital, and you cannot afford to heedlessly throw them away or trifle with them.

-Orison Swett Marden-